Many homeowners have roofing questions to ask but either they don’t know who to go to for answers or they may not even know how to ask the question. This page is to present you with some simple answers to the most common questions. If you find that your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to contact us and we will get you the answers you are looking for!

How long does a roofing job typically take?
The most accurate estimate we can give you will happen once we have seen the property and assessed the work that needs to be done. However, the typical time period for a roofing job depends on three fundamental things:

  1. The size of the roof
  2. The condition of the roof
  3. The type of shingles being used

What kind of warranty does Infinite Roofing offer?
Our clients happiness and security in our work is of the utmost importance to use here at Infinite Roofing and Construction. Visit here to learn about our warranty.

What does it look like to have effective maintenance on a new roof?
Some of the most simple steps to take in keeping your new roof in good shape for years to come is to make sure that the surface of the roof is staying clear of debris that might have accumulated due to weather, etc. Being proactive in replacing any damaged, loose, or lost shingles is another way to keep your roof looking new and fresh. Keeping the gutters clear of debris that might have accumulated is also helpful in maintaining and protecting your investment.

When it comes to new roofing, do you just lay the new roof over the old?
Applying new roofing on top of the old isn’t uncommon. However, during our estimation process, we will provide you with our expert opinion as to what the best method moving forward would be.

How can I tell if I need a new roof?
There are several ways to tell if a roof is decaying or damaged to the point where a professional roofer must intervene. Most people begin to question the quality of their roof when they find that their energy costs are getting exponentially higher. However other characteristics of a roof needing repair are cracking paint, leaky ceilings/attics, water stains, curled or cracked shingles, and any growth of fungus or mold. Click here for an excellent resource on Key Danger Signals for a faulty roof.

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