Infinite Roofing and Construction takes pride in the work we do. We use only the highest quality materials that are made to last, paying attention to the smallest of details and applying a technical craftsmanship learned from years of experience. While we cannot predict the severity of our winters and unforecasted storms, we can offer a warranty on services and products, keeping you and your family safe.

Our Warranty States

Infinite Roofing and Construction warranties all materials for 10 years, installing the products on the property to meet all manufacturer specifications. Should the workmanship by our team cause any failure, creating leaks or damaged shingles, we will repair these problems by supplying both material and labor. This warranty is transferable to new homeowners.

At Infinite Roofing and Construction, our warranty items should be repaired by only Infinite Roofing and Construction employees, and the customer must contact Infinite Roofing and Construction within 48 hours after discovering the problem. Infinite Roofing and Construction is not liable for roof or structural damage resulting from everyday wear and tear. This includes, but is not limited to, the following conditions:  ice damage, hail storms, foreign objects, hurricane-force wind, rain, fire, lightning, tornadoes, vandalism, water damage, moisture and mold damage, structural or equipment failure, or migrating from adjacent structure of any kind.

In the event that the purchaser, by themselves or through another party, perform repairs which cause the removal or alteration of materials during the applicable warranty period; including items that are on the roof or connected, and that were not replaced in the original job description, this craftsmanship warranty shall be void. Jobs include work on skylights and antennas. This warranty does not apply to the color change of shingles or any other roofing products.

Contact us today with any questions regarding your warranty. We will make ourselves available to assist as soon as possible.